Do door knobs or levers have to match hinges?

At Atlantic UK, we firmly believe the finish matters. So much so, that we believe every item of hardware throughout an interior should match and coordinate in style, including hinges, latches, deadbolts, and even other items of ironmongery such as door stops and flush bolts!

Finishing an interior well involves attention to detail, and matching the colour of a hinge may seem like a small detail, but it will really 'complete the look'. When choosing a bold urban finish like Urban Satin Copper, a unique contrast is created with the door furniture. This is accentuated with the matching hinge and latches.

With some door hardware, a different texture may be chosen for a more practical reason. When Polished Chrome door handles or mortice knobs are chosen, Matt Black hinges and latches may be fitted as the matching accessories if the door colour is black. Matt Black, may be seen as a more practical alternative in this instance as hinges and latches would match the colour of the door.

In most people's opinions door hardware is a small thing, often overlooked amid major items like furniture and paint colours when designing an interior. But the power of hardware should not be underestimated.

Items like door handles, matching hinges & latches and other items or ironmongery can really add style and sparkle to any space and often seen as "the jewellery" of a space, says the New York-based interior designer Young Huh. Just like the right necklace can turn a simple dress into a fashion statement, a striking set of mortice knobs on an rustic door, or a crystal encrusted lever in a modern dwelling can bring an glamorous air of style to your home with minimal expense.