A Mortice Knob is used to open a door, in a similar way to a door lever would be used, but with a turning action rather than pressing down on the lever. A Mortice door knob is used with a latch or a lock mechanism, which is set into the door. Mortice Knobs are sold in pairs with a connecting spindle.

Generally speaking, Mortice Knobs are a more traditional style of door furniture. In the past, traditional Mortice Knobs were almost always un-sprung, meaning the knob turned freely when not attached to the door. Many still remain in this style and do not use a standard lock or latch, as the spring is not strong enough to return the knob. Mortice Knobs do not have the strong spring that door handles have which compliments the spring in the latch or lock used with the handle. For this reason, Mortice Knobs have to be used with a heavier sprung latch or lock in the door.

The amount of room available on a door for a Mortice Knob is also a consideration that needs to be made. A Mortice Knob can be operated from any angle, in contrast to a door lever which leads your hand away from the edge of the door. For this reason a longer latch may need to be used. We would recommend a 4" latch is used when fitting a mortice knob, to give more space for hands and to prevent bruised knuckles. If there is not space within the door for a long latch, it would be wise to use another option opposed to a Mortice Knob to allow for ease of access.