Door hardware comes in many different finishes and styles but there are three main types of interior door handles and knobs that are found on the market. Matching the correct type of door handle or knob will be fundamental in creating a finishing touch. The three main types are categorised as lever handle on backplate, lever handle on rose and mortice knobs. Lever handles on backplate are traditional door handles which sit on a backplate. Lever handles on rose are more contemporary door handles which sit on either a round or square rose and are much smaller than backplates.

Lever Handle on Backplate

This is a standard lever latch on backplate is a blank backplate, which would be used with a tubular latch. It is used for doors that don't need to lock like a living room or dining room. It consists of a handle/lever on a backplate which when pushed down turns the spindle which passes through the door and the tubular latch inside the door.

A lever lock is a backplate with a key hole, to be used with a sashlock which contains a lock and a bolt. The door handle is exactly the same as a lever latch as above, but it has a key hole cut out of the backplate to allow a key to be entered into the door, which operates the sashlock. This could be used on a back door or an office door.

A Bathroom set is a backplate with a built in turn and release mechanism, which would be used with a bathroom lock. The turn and release is sometimes referred to as a snib and release or WC turn, and allows the door to be locked and unlocked.

Lever Handle on Rose

Lever handles on rose, or door handles, are most commonly used in residential houses and commercial and public buildings. Lever on Rose door furniture have concealed roses, which means the screws and fixing holes are hidden by a cover. If there is no desire for the door to lock, then the lever on rose is usually fitted with a standard tubular latch. If a door has the need to lock, then it would be necessary to fit with a key escutcheon and a sash lock. For a bathroom, that you may wish to lock without a key, you would need to purchase a Turn and Release along with a Bathroom Lock.

Mortice Knob

Mortice Knobs are usually round handles which rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise to open the door. These can be used as an alternative to lever handles. A centre door knob can be used as a decorative and/or functional piece to an external front door.

The lever shape itself may be the same, whether on a backplate or on a rose. The range of levers is extensive, and likewise with the range of finishes. Each door handle or mortice knob design and finish will create a completely different look within an interior, so ensuring these features suit your personal preference and the overall look you are going for is fundamental.