★ From Antique Brass to Satin Brass or even Matt Antique Brass, there are so many variations to the warm, inviting brass finish! ★

Here is a Satin Brass Mortice Knob...it's golden tones look stunning as it leads to a bedroom with navy decor...

As Pierre Bonnard once said... 'Colour does not add a pleasant quality to design - it reinforces it'. This has never been truer than with Senza Pari's intricate designs and luxurious Weathered Antique Bronze finish!

Whether you choose Antique Brass on a Old English Lever or an Old English Mortice Knob, both capture Britian's architectural heritage with a perfect contemporary twist.

Polished Brass finish is highly reflective, with a warm golden sheen that lends the finish a certain vintage appeal.

Matt Antique Brass is perfect for modernised barn conversions where style and taste is desired!

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