Door Hardware may be considered as a minor decision when building or updating your home, however, door hardware enhances any space, when the finish is chosen correctly.

The wrong choice of ironmongery can be distracting and deter from other beautiful design selections within your home.

Can I mix different finishes within my house?

Yes, mixing finish is considered acceptable, on the condition that the finishes coordinate rather than clash with each other. This would mean that the colour temperature is maintained the same, just as you would with paint or other finishing's.

When mixing finishes it is generally considered that no more than two or three finishes per space should be used, and those finishes should ideally be used within at least two or three areas within the space. That way, each metal finish has a coordinating partner in the same space.

Contrasting finishes may be used to create a dynamic with punch. The main thing is to make sure the mix looks intentional instead of haphazard.

Does my colour palette influence my ironmonger choice?

Yes, to some extend your colour palette should influence your ironmongery choice. If your existing or desired colour palette is warmer colours, then we would recommend you choose warmer finishes like Polished Brass, Antique Copper, Urban Satin Copper, and variations of Bronze finishes. For a more subtle warmth, options like Satin Nickel and Polished Nickel could be chosen.

If your palette is cooler, we would recommend opting for Chrome finishes. Matt Black is an option that would suit well for a bolder result.

I think of my hardware as jewellery of the houseā€¦ How do I create this statement?

If you are like us and love hardware and want your ironmongery to make a statement, you will need to choose hardware that contrasts with the door that they are situated on. Consider using darker finishes like Matt Black, Matt Gun Metal, or Urban Bronze on white or light coloured doors. For darker finish doors, use finishes like Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel, Satin Brass, or Polished/Satin Chrome.

I regard my hardware as functional, not decorative, and don't want a statement... What should I choose?

If you don't think of your hardware as decorative, purely functional, you may want your ironmongery to blend into the doors they are situated on, rather than standing out. In this case, you may want to choose more subtle hardware.

If your doors are darker choose darker hardware (blacks, bronzes, or greys). If you have lighter or white cabinets choose silver or light hardware (polished/satin chrome/nickel, Satin brass)

Another way of making a statement is by choosing a larger scale or oversized hardware for the item it is fitted too. Larger levers are also a benefit as they are easier to use for elderly people and children.