Why is it good to match ironmongery?

Door furniture really creates the finishing touch for any interior. We believe, wherever possible, door furniture throughout an interior setting should match and therefore create a harmonious conclusion to the design.

By matching, we don’t just mean colour and finish. We mean style also. Matching hardware to the interior's form and style is fundamental to creating a well-designed environment. Different rooms within interiors may have slight variations on a style that should be catered to for example bathrooms or kitchens. These rooms will often have other fixtures and fittings that would closing link to the door hardware and therefore play a part in determining the style chosen.

Matching door furniture may not all be the exact same finish & colour. A blend of variations on a colour may be chosen, for example satin chrome and polished chrome. This combination would create contrast and interest to an interior setting and yet keep consistency within the setting.

In certain interior's a combination of different types of door hardware. A popular choice currently is a combination of door lever handles and door knobs in different areas of the home. Some choose to use lever handles downstairs and knobs upstairs.

The functionality of door furniture also needs to be considered when choosing door hardware. Bathrooms and areas that need to be resistant to water are better suited to hardware made from certain metals such as stainless steel and chrome.

From modern blacks, satin chrome's and nickel's to rich bronze's there is something for every modern dwelling. Traditional interiors which are more suited to warm brass, antique copper's and distressed silver's also have exuberant ranges within the Atlantic portfolio.

With every item of hardware, we truly believe the finish matters.