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Maintenance & Care Guide

Maintenance & Care Guide

In the unusual event of this product failing mechanically, we will replace it free of charge, providing you can supply us with the faulty product and a receipt to show proof of purchase. If the items are not fitted in accordance with the fitting instructions, in a correct application, this many not apply.

Our products have an applied finish, and we do recommend regular cleaning with a soft cloth. If necessary, you may moisten the cloth, with water. If this is not effective in removing accumulated deposit, try using a PH neutral soap on a soft cloth, then remove soap immediately after application, with the help of a clean, moist, soft cloth.

Under no circumstances should you use an abrasive/hard tool, chemical, acidic or abrasive substance to clean our products. This will break down the applied finish. The finish may chip or scratch if subjected to impact from sharp items such as keys and jewellery. Atlantic UK retain the right to send items away for chemical testing to analyse if the product has come into contact with any abrasive or chemical substance before issuing replacements.

Please be aware that environments where there are high concentrations of chemicals in the air, for example from use of low quality paint or corrosive agents, corrosion and damage may occur to the surface of the product. Door levers should therefore not be fitted in such environments, until the high concentration of chemicals in the air have subsided.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email sales@atlanticgb.com